The gap between the privileged and the nonexistent.

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I think it’s obvious that there is a larger gap between the richer and the poorer in a country that has lots of poverty and crime or just a bad state of depression. Because of course there is not enough money for everyone to live without limits and to live like they have no boundaries. Everyone needs boundaries, or you have one person taking from another, even if they have no knowledge of that. My point being, that greed does not bode well for any country but often times takes over. It’s happened here, in America. The same people who are taking from our hard working American people are also boasting about how amazing our country is. How can you say that while you, are the one taking from it? You, are the one depleting it’s sources, using your unfair gain to indulge yourself. When in reality, if we all had a little bit of that we might be able to live comfortably.

Yes, I probably sound unrealistic. I’m only saying that maybe we shouldn’t pass someone on the street that we can see is tormented, and continue living our lives like we owe nothing to them. We do, all of us, because it’s time for us to step up and fight against whoever decided it was okay, to take the countries hard-earned money that belongs to the citizens, and use it to get whatever ridiculous things that they seem to think they “need.”


Evolutionary, ever changing.

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Evolutionary, Ever Changing.


I started this blog intending to write about fashion, about a year or two ago. Truthfully though, fashion is not really my main thing. Sure, I read fashion blogs and I enjoy it, and I also love to dress up, dress down, and dress crazy. However, writing about it just makes me feel empty, I get no satisfaction from writing about what I wear. Sure, it may have been cool and I’m excited about what I had recently thrifted or bought but I don’t necessarily feel that I need to profess that to anyone. I guess you could say fashion is kind of a ‘hobby’ of mine and I just don’t want to write about it. I feel that there are way more interesting things to write about. So, this is no longer really a fashion blog, and I don’t really think it was ever intended to be, because that isn’t who I am.


I named it Evolutionary State because I knew then that I would always be changing and growing. Obviously, I’m sixteen so I am in a major process of growing and changing.  At the time, I thought that just writing about my life and my style would make a decent blog. I guess for some people writing about your life and your style does make a decent or even great blog. I don’t really want to write about me, though. I’ve always loved to write but I have never really pursued it. Because when I started this I didn’t realize that I would be writing about me, and my clothes, or rather that I wouldn’t enjoy writing about that. I guess maybe I was conceited or maybe I just felt that I wanted to break out of my shell and let people know about me. Not that I don’t want people to know about me, sure I do. I don’t however want anyone to think that I am just a teenager with a lot of clothes and complaints. That is basically what it was before.  Now, it’s changing. (ha, ha.)


In the future I’ll be writing about things that I care about. It may be an issue, a country, people, food, or whatever. Whatever crosses my mind that I feel I want to write about. I want to develop my writing, and learn to improve. I always knew that I am way better at writing non-fiction. So, this is simply a place to put my musings. Hopefully I’ll be able to see this blog grow into something. I guess you could say it’s an outlet for my energy.  For now, I’m just going to see where the wind blows me. Thanks for enduring this extremely long post. J








Nieman Marcus and other sophisticated stores.

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Yes, I know, I haven’t updated for ages. I might have abandoned this blog for close to a year, but since now my life is changing I think that maybe learning to actually stick to something will be good for me. Starting with recording my recent trip to Nieman Marcus in Dallas– and other parts of North Park mall– a very rich, posh, and e x p e n s i v e mall. Although there wasn’t much there that I could afford, what I was interested in buying anyway, I still had a great time getting to see and touch some of my favorite designers clothes. Also, getting to marvel in the fact that you were wearing a nearly 1,500 dollar Armani Jacket wasn’t so bad either. It was quite a thrill. I’m half certain my grandma thought I was on something. Quoting my Grandfather “What are YOU smoking?” Hahaha, yes, I did go with my Grandma. But I love chilling with her even though I wish I could have been there with my friends, I’m lucky I got to go in the first place.

Above are some pictures from the day. In my opinion, I didn’t get nearly enough. But the experience is what really counts so it’s all good. First, is a really cool sculpture inside the mall. Followed by a picture of a LEGO store (I just thought it was pretty cool that there was entire store dedicated to legos.) The display in the middle of Valentino ( it was pretty cool, there was one of the gorgeous black lace and nude dresses in the store.) The next is the chandelier in Gucci which doesn’t seem like much, but in person it was spectacularly sparkling and breathtaking. There is then me wearing, yes wearing (eeeek!) and Etro coat. The picture is blurry, that was the best though since I didn’t want to have my Grandma take yet A N O T H E R picture of me in the coat. The Etro display, full of cool prints. My favorite one’s now, me wearing first Gucci heels, then Jimmy Choo wedges, and lastly cute little Kate Spade kitten heels with bows on the top. (I wanted them, S O  M  U C H.)

So, it was fun going and seeing everything. It wasn’t anything super ahhmazing but it was a great experience. The people in Kate Spade made a fuss over my outfit, and I really came this close to buying the mini fluo cross-body purse. I might try to find it on sale via the internet. One day I will take my friends and I on a road trip to Chicago and we’ll dress up super nice, go to a coffee shop for mocha’s and pastries in the morning, and then explore the glamorous shops. We’ll stop for lunch and then go find massive sales and cute antique shops and thrift stores. Perfect day, much? aha. Well, I must go but let’s hope for some awesome summer days ahead. Also, BRIGHT COLORS EGJVNIEPOTBNVEITPNG EVERYWHERE. YES.




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Today I wore black. I was wearing a red scarf, but decided I wanted something a bit more oppressive for the pictures. I know, it sounds depressing, but it’s just kind of my way of saying hey-winter-I’m-not-scared-of-you. Seems as though the weird vibes I always get from winter are already on their way. During this season I usually am not very social, my thought’s, or at least the significant ones rarely leave my head, and what I don’t want to say comes out anyway. Regardless, I love winter. I’m always inspired this time of year, and I love the holidays. I might actually get to enjoy my favorite season if school doesn’t kill me first.

Black dress – target.

Black sweater – Kohls.

Witch ring – some shop on west end.

Bracelet – Gift.


Good tidings, I hope all is well,

Au Revior,




P.S. – Click to enlarge images.

Is that from the 80’s?

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Good times thrifting with friends in the fall time.






Despite my weird captions, I’m pretty beyond happiness. I discovered pandora. addicted. Yes, I know, I’m horribly late for that one.. Anyway fall is wispering to us, providing chilly winds and creepy halloween vibes. You can feel the vibes of nostalgic fall memories, the muted color of a chilly fall day, the trees being the only source of big bright color. It’s time to bust out the warm jackets, and time to put away the short shorts. I went thrifting today and found a cute modest length 80’s jean skirt. Can’t wait to wear a button down shirt and my vintage ralph lauren tweed jacket with it. Thoroughly enjoying my free time, but I’m still so busy socializing that It doesn’t even seem like free time! Not that that’s a bad thing. Soon school will resume though, but before we start back to our studies halloween takes place.

I’ll be Coco chanel and go trick or treating with audrey hepburn, 😉 yes, yes I am to old to be trick or treating. I won’t even eat all the candy probably. HAHA. But so what it’s halloween.


Au revoir, My best halloween wishes to you!



I sang the first verse twice!

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fall break is here, and may I say it is well deserved. For me and for my friends. We’ve all put our efforts into the beginning of this crowded busy year and our work has paid off. We finally get a break! It was kicked off wonderfully by the talent show, a great night!

I’m wearing a vintage oversized blouse from the eighties, a houndstooth scarf as a belt, and black flats from kmart.

Good energy is everywhere, the weather is perfect, and the relaxation is welcome.

The feeling of accomplishing something is in the air, and let me say it feels damn good.

Au revoir!


Art is spectacular.

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So, the past few weeks have been pretty busy, mostly repetitive. I thought I’d share some of my favorite things with you.

like, pellegrino, hot cheetos, sushi, band of horses, drew barrymore, and marykate olson.

also, I LOVE JACK JOHNSON, although I don’t have a picture.

I’ve been really enjoying my life, even if bad things have happened. I guess it’s because I finally stopped focusing on things that really don’t matter at all. I’ve also developed an appreciation for art, partly because of my good friend mara from, (

I’m pretty sure if we hadn’t become very close, I wouldn’t be very into it. Or maye I would becuase of my mom. but anywho, I appreciate it so much because it’s about the unknown and the subconcious crazy things we humans think about but would never tell another human being. the things we feel but can’t explain. I love it. Even if isn’t Aesthetically ‘beautiful’ i find it that way because it’s just so wonderful.. I guess, ha. I might be talking about a more modern art, but I think this applies to most famous artists, most definitely van gogh. I am a little ignorant in the art area but I still would love to get into it. xD so, yeah. end spiel.