Trends? Trends.

Trends, A popular subject I suppose.  To me, trends are a little controversial.

I mean, one minute clogs are in, (which I can’ts stand) and then beach waves are in, and then were back to stick straight hair.

Me personally, style, fashion, and especially personal style depends on what YOUR personal whims are if that makes sense.

Fashion is the essence of creativity, and those things that you can’t explain, and, feeling good about yourself, sort of being empowered, feeling good.

Trends don’t really follow that chain do they? I feel like they are there for people who just don’t understand the true meaning or whatever of fashion. I don’t mean to say that if you follow trends you just don’t understand, but I’m more saying that I don’t understand trends.

I would much rather go with my own personal style, because that’s what got me into fashion anyway, the way you can be creative and not ashamed.

But, trends are like knockoff’s. They will always be there even if you don’t like them.

So long,



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