Old lady satchel. :)

Dress – Gift, Belt – kohls, Purse – kohls, socks – target, Shoes – dillard’s, bracelet – gift.

Hello hello hello! currently blogging from my dear friend marashmellows house. Despite having no camera, she took pictures today, and now I have an outfit post like, legit. Happy about that, cuz before it really wasn’t working out. The outfit was for the first day of sophomore year, yeah. whatever..  nothing really seems to be affecting me very much right now, like I’ve suddenly swallowed a giant apathy pill. I’m pretty sure this isn’t to healthy, as I’m usually quite emotional. But, right now I’m out of it, and all out of wack. Some sleep would do me good I think, I’ll blame it on insomnia. School is starting, I already have something due, and bunches of papers to sign. the stress is starting to kick in, so I’m just gonna take it easy this weekend, and not drive myself crazy. also, I watched a documentary on the seven deadly sins today, and have concluded, that it’s just bull. no offense. that’s all,




One Response to “Old lady satchel. :)”

  1. pics are FABULOUS! text, … apathy pill, indeed.

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