Art is spectacular.


So, the past few weeks have been pretty busy, mostly repetitive. I thought I’d share some of my favorite things with you.

like, pellegrino, hot cheetos, sushi, band of horses, drew barrymore, and marykate olson.

also, I LOVE JACK JOHNSON, although I don’t have a picture.

I’ve been really enjoying my life, even if bad things have happened. I guess it’s because I finally stopped focusing on things that really don’t matter at all. I’ve also developed an appreciation for art, partly because of my good friend mara from, (

I’m pretty sure if we hadn’t become very close, I wouldn’t be very into it. Or maye I would becuase of my mom. but anywho, I appreciate it so much because it’s about the unknown and the subconcious crazy things we humans think about but would never tell another human being. the things we feel but can’t explain. I love it. Even if isn’t Aesthetically ‘beautiful’ i find it that way because it’s just so wonderful.. I guess, ha. I might be talking about a more modern art, but I think this applies to most famous artists, most definitely van gogh. I am a little ignorant in the art area but I still would love to get into it. xD so, yeah. end spiel.



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