Is that from the 80’s?


Good times thrifting with friends in the fall time.






Despite my weird captions, I’m pretty beyond happiness. I discovered pandora. addicted. Yes, I know, I’m horribly late for that one.. Anyway fall is wispering to us, providing chilly winds and creepy halloween vibes. You can feel the vibes of nostalgic fall memories, the muted color of a chilly fall day, the trees being the only source of big bright color. It’s time to bust out the warm jackets, and time to put away the short shorts. I went thrifting today and found a cute modest length 80’s jean skirt. Can’t wait to wear a button down shirt and my vintage ralph lauren tweed jacket with it. Thoroughly enjoying my free time, but I’m still so busy socializing that It doesn’t even seem like free time! Not that that’s a bad thing. Soon school will resume though, but before we start back to our studies halloween takes place.

I’ll be Coco chanel and go trick or treating with audrey hepburn, 😉 yes, yes I am to old to be trick or treating. I won’t even eat all the candy probably. HAHA. But so what it’s halloween.


Au revoir, My best halloween wishes to you!




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