Today I wore black. I was wearing a red scarf, but decided I wanted something a bit more oppressive for the pictures. I know, it sounds depressing, but it’s just kind of my way of saying hey-winter-I’m-not-scared-of-you. Seems as though the weird vibes I always get from winter are already on their way. During this season I usually am not very social, my thought’s, or at least the significant ones rarely leave my head, and what I don’t want to say comes out anyway. Regardless, I love winter. I’m always inspired this time of year, and I love the holidays. I might actually get to enjoy my favorite season if school doesn’t kill me first.

Black dress – target.

Black sweater – Kohls.

Witch ring – some shop on west end.

Bracelet – Gift.


Good tidings, I hope all is well,

Au Revior,




P.S. – Click to enlarge images.


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