Nieman Marcus and other sophisticated stores.

Yes, I know, I haven’t updated for ages. I might have abandoned this blog for close to a year, but since now my life is changing I think that maybe learning to actually stick to something will be good for me. Starting with recording my recent trip to Nieman Marcus in Dallas– and other parts of North Park mall– a very rich, posh, and e x p e n s i v e mall. Although there wasn’t much there that I could afford, what I was interested in buying anyway, I still had a great time getting to see and touch some of my favorite designers clothes. Also, getting to marvel in the fact that you were wearing a nearly 1,500 dollar Armani Jacket wasn’t so bad either. It was quite a thrill. I’m half certain my grandma thought I was on something. Quoting my Grandfather “What are YOU smoking?” Hahaha, yes, I did go with my Grandma. But I love chilling with her even though I wish I could have been there with my friends, I’m lucky I got to go in the first place.

Above are some pictures from the day. In my opinion, I didn’t get nearly enough. But the experience is what really counts so it’s all good. First, is a really cool sculpture inside the mall. Followed by a picture of a LEGO store (I just thought it was pretty cool that there was entire store dedicated to legos.) The display in the middle of Valentino ( it was pretty cool, there was one of the gorgeous black lace and nude dresses in the store.) The next is the chandelier in Gucci which doesn’t seem like much, but in person it was spectacularly sparkling and breathtaking. There is then me wearing, yes wearing (eeeek!) and Etro coat. The picture is blurry, that was the best though since I didn’t want to have my Grandma take yet A N O T H E R picture of me in the coat. The Etro display, full of cool prints. My favorite one’s now, me wearing first Gucci heels, then Jimmy Choo wedges, and lastly cute little Kate Spade kitten heels with bows on the top. (I wanted them, S O  M  U C H.)

So, it was fun going and seeing everything. It wasn’t anything super ahhmazing but it was a great experience. The people in Kate Spade made a fuss over my outfit, and I really came this close to buying the mini fluo cross-body purse. I might try to find it on sale via the internet. One day I will take my friends and I on a road trip to Chicago and we’ll dress up super nice, go to a coffee shop for mocha’s and pastries in the morning, and then explore the glamorous shops. We’ll stop for lunch and then go find massive sales and cute antique shops and thrift stores. Perfect day, much? aha. Well, I must go but let’s hope for some awesome summer days ahead. Also, BRIGHT COLORS EGJVNIEPOTBNVEITPNG EVERYWHERE. YES.




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