Evolutionary, ever changing.





Evolutionary, Ever Changing.


I started this blog intending to write about fashion, about a year or two ago. Truthfully though, fashion is not really my main thing. Sure, I read fashion blogs and I enjoy it, and I also love to dress up, dress down, and dress crazy. However, writing about it just makes me feel empty, I get no satisfaction from writing about what I wear. Sure, it may have been cool and I’m excited about what I had recently thrifted or bought but I don’t necessarily feel that I need to profess that to anyone. I guess you could say fashion is kind of a ‘hobby’ of mine and I just don’t want to write about it. I feel that there are way more interesting things to write about. So, this is no longer really a fashion blog, and I don’t really think it was ever intended to be, because that isn’t who I am.


I named it Evolutionary State because I knew then that I would always be changing and growing. Obviously, I’m sixteen so I am in a major process of growing and changing.  At the time, I thought that just writing about my life and my style would make a decent blog. I guess for some people writing about your life and your style does make a decent or even great blog. I don’t really want to write about me, though. I’ve always loved to write but I have never really pursued it. Because when I started this I didn’t realize that I would be writing about me, and my clothes, or rather that I wouldn’t enjoy writing about that. I guess maybe I was conceited or maybe I just felt that I wanted to break out of my shell and let people know about me. Not that I don’t want people to know about me, sure I do. I don’t however want anyone to think that I am just a teenager with a lot of clothes and complaints. That is basically what it was before.  Now, it’s changing. (ha, ha.)


In the future I’ll be writing about things that I care about. It may be an issue, a country, people, food, or whatever. Whatever crosses my mind that I feel I want to write about. I want to develop my writing, and learn to improve. I always knew that I am way better at writing non-fiction. So, this is simply a place to put my musings. Hopefully I’ll be able to see this blog grow into something. I guess you could say it’s an outlet for my energy.  For now, I’m just going to see where the wind blows me. Thanks for enduring this extremely long post. J









One Response to “Evolutionary, ever changing.”

  1. it’s really great that you figured out what you want your blog to divert to! lifestyle blogs are all the rage today amd frankly, i like reading those better than fashion blogs. they give more insight from the blogger itself and it’s more general and not staright-forward. i think blogging is a great way to get yor writing skills better and you can also meet great people along the way. i think whatever it is you choose to do, i hope you don’t give up on it. i started blogging out of boredom but it grew to something much more and i can honestly say i’m a proud blogger for 2 years 🙂 but whatever it is, a blog is something you’ll have for yourself and sometimes you never know how rewarding it can be!

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