The gap between the privileged and the nonexistent.

I think it’s obvious that there is a larger gap between the richer and the poorer in a country that has lots of poverty and crime or just a bad state of depression. Because of course there is not enough money for everyone to live without limits and to live like they have no boundaries. Everyone needs boundaries, or you have one person taking from another, even if they have no knowledge of that. My point being, that greed does not bode well for any country but often times takes over. It’s happened here, in America. The same people who are taking from our hard working American people are also boasting about how amazing our country is. How can you say that while you, are the one taking from it? You, are the one depleting it’s sources, using your unfair gain to indulge yourself. When in reality, if we all had a little bit of that we might be able to live comfortably.

Yes, I probably sound unrealistic. I’m only saying that maybe we shouldn’t pass someone on the street that we can see is tormented, and continue living our lives like we owe nothing to them. We do, all of us, because it’s time for us to step up and fight against whoever decided it was okay, to take the countries hard-earned money that belongs to the citizens, and use it to get whatever ridiculous things that they seem to think they “need.”


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