What? I don’t know, your asking the wrong person. I’m mathfobic.

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Outfit: Gray hand- me- down top,  thrifted belt, charlotte russe skirt.

Hello there. I apologize for the EXTREMELY random blog title. I am mathfobic, but I don’t know where the rest came from. (Your asking the wrong person! — really lame pun was intended.) Let me warn you before I ramble anymore that this post is full of me rambling a lot.  Anyway, the past few weeks have been a whirlwind, and yeah SORRY for the long absence. Sophomore year of high school has begun officially, and the homework has increased. It’s not all fun and games anymore, they save that for the freshman I suppose. Also, my friends have been having fun playing matchmaker, and it worked…  I’ve been constantly busy with homework and friends, and when I look back on the past few weeks I realize that I’m basically just living the life of a teenager.

I’ve recently come across an interest in wanting to look in galleries, and go see bands. I have yet to fulfill that, but, IT WILL HAPPEN DARNIT. ahem. Sometimes I start to complain about nashville being boring, the surrounding areas of tennessee being nothing, and complaining about how southern my state is. although it is true that nashville is the only somewhat normal place in TN, there are a lot of things to do I take for granted. part of it is because I don’t have a car, and my mom has what I call I-hate-driving-my-teenager-around syndrome. Besides that, it’s laziness. One day I will embrace nashville to it’s fullest. And, I’ll have you know, that is not all cowboys and country singers here. We actually have a fair amount of indies, hipsters, potheads, blah blah blah. And for some odd reason there is numerous numbers of car/insurance salesman types. Anyway, hopefully I will get to see more of interesting nashville, and get in touch with the non tourist stuff. I hate tourists. 😛



Old lady satchel. :)

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Dress – Gift, Belt – kohls, Purse – kohls, socks – target, Shoes – dillard’s, bracelet – gift.

Hello hello hello! currently blogging from my dear friend marashmellows house. Despite having no camera, she took pictures today, and now I have an outfit post like, legit. Happy about that, cuz before it really wasn’t working out. The outfit was for the first day of sophomore year, yeah. whatever..  nothing really seems to be affecting me very much right now, like I’ve suddenly swallowed a giant apathy pill. I’m pretty sure this isn’t to healthy, as I’m usually quite emotional. But, right now I’m out of it, and all out of wack. Some sleep would do me good I think, I’ll blame it on insomnia. School is starting, I already have something due, and bunches of papers to sign. the stress is starting to kick in, so I’m just gonna take it easy this weekend, and not drive myself crazy. also, I watched a documentary on the seven deadly sins today, and have concluded, that it’s just bull. no offense. that’s all,



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I guess I can’t really say it’s weird, since I’m a teenager and for us this is just life.

I’ve been busy getting ready for my sophomore year at school, also mourning the end of summer. Although, I’m still anxious to start school because my school is (excuse my french) pretty kick ass.

Summer reading has been a hassle, but after staying inside all day yesterday, MLA word document, laptop, and book in hand, I managed to pull off a pretty bad ass essay.


I apologize for the giant lack of outfit posts, but what with the fact I lost my camera last year (DONTremindme) and having to use my phone, it’s just so difficult to get any decent pictures.

On top of that, I’ve been being lazy like always so fashion blogging and the like has been kinda in the back of my mind.

I did however purchased alot of STUFF.

From new school supplies. (i swear I’m turning into elle woods, my binder, planner, pencil case, pencil sharpener, and various other things are pink. at least my paper isnt pink sparkly or scented, PHEW!)

To clogs, oxfords, skirts, high waisted shorts, shirts, blah blah blah.

But, most of that stuff is out of the way, and I have these few days to hangout with my friends.

So, I’m gonna go do that. 😉


Something unknown, slightly un-ordinary.

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It’s been strange lately. I’ve been at my dad’s all summer. I must say that as much as I love my father and my family there, it’s hard for me. I don’t like living in a town with absolutely nothing. I don’t have my friends, I don’t have my mom, I don’t have the everyday modern conveninces of living in a city. It’s just not Ideal for me. Sometimes I feel as if My family elsewhere only considers that they never get to see me. But, they don’t understand that I;m being forced to live in two different places. I can’t handle it sometimes.

So, I’m relieved to be back home. But I feel weak, and confused, and ugly, and doubtful.

Blahblahblah. Summer is almost over, and for me that’s good. because summer has never been my favorite. I like fall. I like school, (weirdly). I just feel like a melodramatic teenager.

ANd, I want to be loved. I want someone to be there and hold me and say, “everything will be fine just breathe.” someone who I never find annoying, who I wanna go to even when everyone else makes me want to throw something at them.


that won’t happen.

so, bye.

Trends? Trends.

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Trends, A popular subject I suppose.  To me, trends are a little controversial.

I mean, one minute clogs are in, (which I can’ts stand) and then beach waves are in, and then were back to stick straight hair.

Me personally, style, fashion, and especially personal style depends on what YOUR personal whims are if that makes sense.

Fashion is the essence of creativity, and those things that you can’t explain, and, feeling good about yourself, sort of being empowered, feeling good.

Trends don’t really follow that chain do they? I feel like they are there for people who just don’t understand the true meaning or whatever of fashion. I don’t mean to say that if you follow trends you just don’t understand, but I’m more saying that I don’t understand trends.

I would much rather go with my own personal style, because that’s what got me into fashion anyway, the way you can be creative and not ashamed.

But, trends are like knockoff’s. They will always be there even if you don’t like them.

So long,


My stepmom’s a deadhead.

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these shoes were on major sale at dillards. I kinda adore them.

My stepmom, (who is none other than a deadhead–a grateful dead fan) Gave me this old tee. I think its great.


The pearls were my aunts--she's dead creepy I know :\ But I really like them

So, altogether I love the effect of the pearls and the band tee. I love irony in outfits, because pearls belong to maybe a housewife, or and old lady, but then we have an old stoner band tee and a jean high waisted skirt. Plus the awesome shoes, ^______^